About Us

It started with a leap of faith. Jaxen Grey founder Michael Druskin was taking chances: working out at a boxing gym, driving for Lyft, meeting new people, and looking for a fresh start. In his spare time, he was browsing Instagram, discovering innovative brands and clothing lines who were doing something different — something exciting.

Jaxen Grey opened its doors in the late summer of 2019 out of a desire to tell those stories and share them with the Twin Cities retail community and beyond. Druskin grew up in the retail business, and even the store’s name is an homage to those deep roots as a third-generation retailer.

When you visit Jaxen Grey, you’re not just shopping for a pair of jeans. You’re opening yourself up to what’s possible and finding inspiration in both the everyday and the promise of the future. Jaxen Grey is a space for brands, customers, and stylists to interact, share their passions, and embark on a journey together. Because life is so much richer and fuller when you’re open to trying new things and letting the world lead you to what’s next.

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At Jaxen Grey, we believe in rewarding hard work, celebrating success, and creating deep, meaningful connections as a team and with our customers. We’re all about taking a chance, trying something new, and stepping out of our comfort zones to discover what’s out there; those vulnerable moments are where the magic happens.
Our team is always evolving and growing — and it could be the perfect fit for your strengths and skills. Check out career opportunities below. Don’t see the perfect fit but want to get in touch? Reach out to [email protected]

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