Nelson Sunglasses

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About Nelson Sunglasses

The Look:
The Nelson frames feature a distinctive style from 1950s America, reminiscent of army issue eyewear. They are versatile and fit well with any look. If you like them, you’ll wear them everywhere.

The Story:
Barcelona was almost a complete loss due to holiday drama and high taxi fares. Fortunately, the designers met Nelson, a Brazilian by birth and a Catalonian by heart. His tips led them to discover these frames, which they named after him.

The Update:
The updated Nelson frames include a keyhole bridge, a broadened face, and a chamfered brow. These enhancements ensure the frames look better on a wider variety of faces, combining functionality with style.

The Materials:
All Oscar Deen frames, including the Nelson, are made from Mazzucchelli acetate, an Italian company that has been a leader in the industry since 1849. The lenses are made from organic plastic, providing a combination of lightweight comfort and optical clarity.

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